Maria Ignelzi

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 2017 with a BA in studio arts. In my time there, I learned a myriad of mediums: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. Being trained in this way has served my creativity well and has left me open to experimentation in my work.


I currently live in the Philadelphia area, working a job by day and painting by night. 

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Artist's Statement

As a fine artist, I have several ways in which I work. I depict the human figure realistically, the human figure abstracted, and create completely non-representational pieces. I mindfully avoid creating in one fixed style because I feel that this balance  allows for a more rounded exploration of my abilities. When I work with the figure representationally, I strive for a skillful and anatomically correct interpretation of the body. When I paint the figure abstracted, I aim for exaggerated, poetic lines and shapes. When I paint non representationally, I find myself in a relaxed mindset which helps me embrace the subconscious, intuitive aspects of art making. 


Above all, I try to make art that combines technical skill with strong conceptual design. I rely on my technical skill to immediately engage an audience, and a strong concept to deepen the experience.


No matter the medium or subject of a piece, my work is continually born through emotion. My pieces are visual representations of some emotional process I have been through or  am currently grappling with. There is no one reason that I make art. Sometimes I am driven to create for its own sake, then find meaning in the work afterwards. Other times I compose art as a form of therapy, in order to experience an emotional, spiritual cleansing. Whichever way I work, I struggle constantly to find new meaning in each piece. My artistic endeavors are cathartic, exploring human emotion through realism and abstraction. 


My mediums include oil paint, mixed media, charcoal and occasionally intaglio etching.