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About Me.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 2017 with a BA in studio arts. In my time there, I learned a myriad of mediums: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. Being trained in this way has served my creativity well and has left me open to experimentation in my work.

Previously I lived in Pittsburgh and worked as an art teacher.


I currently live in the Philadelphia area, color matching wallpaper by day and painting by night. 

Artist's statement

My work is about striking a balance between total abstraction and realism. Regarding realism, I employ the human form, particularly the female portrait, as a means of expressing, exploring and understanding human emotion.  In contrast to that, I also paint abstractly which helps me embrace the subconscious, intuitive aspects of art making. Using color, composition and concept, these elements of abstraction and realism come together to create something new; inventing immaterial spaces for my subject to live in, in an effort to capture her personal spirit, and understand more about our human condition. 

In the world of contemporary art, I believe there is a gaping chasm between wild originality and heavy conceptualism,  and  singleminded focus on technical, traditional skill. In my own work, I hope to bridge that gap. 

My mediums include oil paint and mixed media.

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